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H  o  w    D  i  d    W  e    G  e  t    H  e  r  e  . . .
—  W  h  y    A  r  e    W  e    H  e  r  e  ?

In uncertain times, having the right answers could protect you from grave consequences


o you know —beyond any shadow of doubt —the origin and purpose of life?

In confronting this mystery many rely on the opinions of experts such as scientists or religious leaders. Others may prefer to avoid the question entirely.

However, recent developments in science reveal there may be compelling reasons for you to resolve this greatest of all mysteries — for yourself.


What is the most reasonable explanation for our unlikely presence on this most unusual Planet?
Our cosmic Habitat is conspicuous among the planets in its unique capacity to sustain life. How come? How did we get here —and why are we here?

The answers to these questions are crucial for a correct understanding of the origin and purpose of life. Yet, how many people live 20, 30, 50 or more years without discovering their true purpose in life?

What's your opinion?
Do you believe that you're only here, for example, to party? to make lots of money? or to do your own thing? Do you believe the cycle of life is an endless ring of reincarnations, as depicted by some Eastern religions? Or perhaps you believe that life ends at the grave, (game over)?
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
A Mystery —Too Dangerous to Ignore?
Are we —as science textbooks teach merely animals...the random offspring of aimless evolutionary processes? Or, are there other possibilities?
For example, what if we didn't ascend from the animal kingdom, but instead fell from a higher and nobler race of beings?
And what if the human conscience, man's universal impulse to worship, and the countless unnamed wonders of nature - are but residual evidence of our near-divine heritage? Could humanity be the result of divine purpose?
And if so, are we unknowingly defying our accountability to an unseen Maker? Might there be some risk in ignoring this unseen Super-Being...this cosmic Father whose works are so immanent in nature? 
Even scientists now acknowledge that the Universe was created. What might this imply about our origin and purpose?
Why the experts cannot resolve it
The question of origin has been the subject of religion, philosophers, poets and kings since the dawn of man.

But in recent years, scientists, viewed as modern successors to the old priesthood, have joined the debate with fanciful theories of their own. One such theory, evolution, has been the dominant theme of science textbooks for over eighty years.

Though still unproven, the theory has been wholly accepted as fact by educators, the media and every branch of science. 

But in 1965, two scientists made the startling discovery that rocked the foundations of the scientific world. . .

While attempting to measure the radio brightness of the sky, scientists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson unwittingly discovered the cosmic microwave background radiation, the so-called, Echo of Creation.

This discovery provided scientists irrefutable evidence that the Universe was in fact —created.

The result? The Big Bang Theory, once regarded as a joke, is now the officially accepted scientific explanation for the creation of the Universe.

What are the Implications of Discoveries Such as These in Helping Us to Resolve the Mystery of Our Origin and Purpose? 


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