M  y  s  t  e  r  y    o  f    O  r  i  g  i  n
— B  e  y  o  n  d    M  a  n ?

Perhaps nowhere is modern man's pride so humbled as in the contemplation of his own origin…

ome look to Religion for answers to the deeper issues of life. But the world's religions offer a conflicting array of beliefs, traditions and superstitions (often leading to violence) —causing many to question... 
What wise and powerful Deity would sponsor such confused, unscientific and contradictory statements about Himself as implied by the world's religions?

Some even question whether Religion is an agency of any 'higher order' —or a mere contrivance of man?

New Orthodoxy?
In this New Age, many now look to scientists for answers. Today's scientists adopt a materialistic view of life, based upon evolution. They reject any possibilities that can't be explained in strict scientific terms. (Why?...click here for details.)
Evolutionist scientists envision a society in which GOD has been abandoned as an outdated superstition

However, despite powerful lobbying by the media and education departments, after more than 160 years since its introduction, the theory still lacks proof.

In addition, scientists' notion of a random and purposeless existence has failed to win a convincing majority among the public (only 10 percent believe the theory).

What these contrasts in ideology reveal is that for religion and scientists alike, conviction regarding our origin and purpose may be more a matter of opinion, than recognition of any Ultimate Truth. 

The result is, after more than 6,000 years of religious proliferation and enlightened scientific discovery, man remains completely incapable of unraveling the mystery of —his own origin.

Yet, without a Creator, human life is reduced to an absurdity...a cold and purposeless existence totally without meaning.

Even the slightest possibility that an intelligent Super-Entity exists places a heavy responsibility upon us all —to know for sure.
The Most Reliable Path to Truth —Beyond Man?
The mystery regarding our origin and purpose is apparently beyond our reach. Our limitations as mortal beings, perhaps amplify our need for the cause or Causer to reveal its purposes -to us.

It is therefore, reasonable to expect that a wise and intelligent cause or Causer might communicate its purposes to us.

Are There Any Clues or Tell-tale Signs Leftover From Creation?


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