How Did We Get Here...
-Why Are We Here?

  1. Earth's Earliest Ages, G.H. Pember
  2. Seven Experiments That Could Change the World, Rupert Sheldrake
  3. Discover Science Almanac
  4. GOD's Plan for Man, Finis J. Dake
  5. The Bulletin of Creation and the Deluge, pg 33, Early Creationist Journals (Creationism in Twentieth-Century America, Vol. 9) , by Ronald L. Numbers (Editor) (Hardcover - April 1995)
  6. Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible, Myer Pearlman
  7. Universe, Fifth Edition, William J. Kaufmann III, Roger A. Freedman
  8. Horizons: Exploring the Universe, Michael A. Seeds
  9. World of Chemistry, Melvin D. Joesten, David O. Johnson, John T. Netterville, James L. Wood
  10. The Social Sources of Denominationalism, H. Richard Niebuhr
  11. America's Godly Heritage, David Barton
  12. The Legacy of Our English Bible, J. W. Sawyer
  13. Chronological Background Charts of Church History, Robert C. Walton
  14. Primal Myths, Barbara C. Sproul
  15. Darwin on Trial, Phillip E. Johnson
  16. The Story of America's Religions, Hartzell Spence
  17. Religions of America, Leo Rosten
  18. Universe: The Infinite Frontier (College Video Course)
  19. Revelation Expounded, Finis J. Dake
  20. Comparative Religions, Frank Byron Jevons
  21. Holy Horrors, James A. Haught  
NOTE: Excerpts referenced in these texts is NOT an endorsement of the volume or its author(s). For a list of recommended reading, see Resources.
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